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2010-06-17 :: madlibertarianguy // Dumbassery + Environment + Government + Legislation + POTUS + Regulation
At It Again

Apparently, Obama is back to thinking he’s fucking El Supremo.  Robert Gibbs, Press Secretary of the White House, in a NPR interview on using executive strong-arming with BP: Mr. GIBBS: Steve, I’d say we’re working on that with a whole host of entities. The point of this is to create, if need be through the […]

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F.U.C.K. The federal government.  Of all of the people on earth who deserve to be left alone by government, it’s the goddamn Amish.  Sindya N. Bhanoo of The New York Times: But farmers like Mr. Stoltzfus are facing growing scrutiny for agricultural practices that the federal government sees as environmentally destructive. Their cows generate heaps […]

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2010-06-09 :: madlibertarianguy // Economy + Government + Regulation
In This Case, Foresight Was 20/20

It has been maintained by the terminally libertarded that our current economic crisis in America is because of deregulated “Free Market Failures” which has spurned on legions of Demotards screaming for government regulation of the financial sector.  But even as far back as 1999 our current economic woes which started with the housing bubble were […]

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2010-06-09 :: madlibertarianguy // Dumbassery + Regulation
Regulatory Capture Sauce

An anonymous editorialist in The Wall Street Journal: In the better economic textbooks, regulatory capture is described as a “government failure,” as opposed to a market failure. It refers to the fact that individuals or companies with the highest interest or stake in a policy outcome will be able to focus their energies on politicians […]

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2010-05-19 :: madlibertarianguy // Dumbassery + Government + Regulation
If Only We Regulate More

Zachary A. Goldfarb of The Washington Post: At the same time, regulators offered a prescription aimed at curbing excessive market volatility. The Securities and Exchange Commission announced that in coming weeks it would require that exchanges pause trading in a stock if it declines more than 10 percent in any five-minute interval. Will the government […]

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Eric Lichtblau of The New York Times: If President Obama has his way, loans at auto dealers would be put under the purview of a new federal consumer protection authority to guard against fraud and abuse. The prospect of increased regulations, Mr. Berscht said, “could force us out of the financing business,” and it has […]

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2010-05-16 :: madlibertarianguy // Government + Legislation + Regulation
The Plan All Along

Robert Pear via The New York Times: Insurers and insurance regulators say that some companies will be unable or unwilling to meet the new standards. Somehow I get the feeling that this was the point of ObamaCare all along.

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2010-05-13 :: madlibertarianguy // Dumbassery + Regulation + War on Drugs
And Again

Another day, another botched paramilitary drug raid. An elderly Polk County woman is hospitalized in critical condition after suffering a heart attack when drug agents swarm the wrong house … Holl remembers the Kathyrn Johnston (sic), the elderly woman shot to death in a botched drug raid in Atlanta, and thinks thinks this kind of […]

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2010-05-12 :: madlibertarianguy // Dumbassery + Government + POTUS + Regulation + War on Drugs
Yet the World Has Not Ended

It’s a refreshing breath of fresh air to see that Obama’s “new” drug war policies aren’t hypocritical at all.  When is it that libertards will finally understand that, by and large, the social freedoms offered by Demotard policy either 1) don’t fucking exist outside of shallow campaign promises, or 2) that the fulfillment of those […]

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2010-05-11 :: madlibertarianguy // Dumbassery + Government + Regulation
Regulators Need a Diet

It seems that the government is out to get fat kids again. First they thought that they could regulate companies to self-regulate the problem away.  Now government thinks it can, well, regulate the problem away itself.  Though I’m sure they’ll call it deregulation.  I’m not saying that child obesity isn’t a problem.  My secret decoder […]

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2010-05-11 :: madlibertarianguy // Dumbassery + Government + Regulation
Who’s to Blame?

Apparently executives from the 3 companies involved in the gulf oil spill, BP, Transocean and Halliburton, are tripping over themselves because they can’t get to the podium fast enough to lay the blame for the spill on someone else.  If the Libertarian Party was in charge of shit, the answer would be easy.  According to […]

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2010-05-11 :: madlibertarianguy // Government + Regulation
Automobile Black Boxes

Yesterday, Congress heard testimony about the possibility of mandating small boxes which keep driving statistics, including location information, which would report automatically back to the federal government: At a minimum, I also urge that the NHTSA be required to mandate recording of all the data elements listed now in its voluntary standard unless there is […]

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