Even More Diverse Than I Thought

Saturday 15 May 2010 - Filed under SCOTUS

Religious DemographicsThe other day I wrote a short one-liner about the new idea of diversity on the Supreme Court if Kagan is to be confirmed.  And today I find that it will be even more diverse than I thought.  According to Robert Frank of the Wall Street Journal, “If she is confirmed, the nation’s nine most powerful judges will all be Catholic or Jewish, leaving the court without a Protestant member for the first time.”  They will all also have gone to either Harvard or Yale, and 4 of the 9 will be from New York City.

Now I’m no religious zealot of any sort.  Actually, I’m pretty anti-institutionalized religion in all its forms, but we must remember that over 50% of America is Protestant.  And we must also remember that most of America does not have a Yale or Harvard pedigree, nor is most of America from New York City.  If SCOTUS is to represent our nation’s interests as the final word on the legality of a particular law, it seems prudent that it actually be somewhat representative of our nation’s demographics.  The Demotards have done a pretty good job promoting their idea of diversity (whether diversity in and of itself is a good thing is debatable, but we’re going to go by the assumption that it is for the time being), but they have actually homogenized the court in another, perhaps more profound, way.

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