Out. Of. Control.

Tuesday 22 June 2010 - Filed under LE

Radley Balko’s weekly kick in the nuts:

First, the dog obviously poses no immediate threat to anyone. It’s chained. Until the officer starts chasing it with a restraining pole, the dog is calmly lying on the ground. Second, even if you take the neighbor’s complaint and the police report at face value, the dog never actually bit anyone. The complaint was that it growled. All dogs growl. If the dog has come off its property to threaten neighbors, the solution is to hold the owner accountable, not to execute the dog. Third, this dog is not a “pit bull,” as police claim. It’s an American Bulldog, which shares few characteristics with what are commonly called pit bulls, save perhaps for some physical resemblance. (The police definition of “pit bull” often seems to be “any dog we shot.”) Finally, even if this were an aggressive dog, the shooting is outrageous. The animal was restrained and calm for most of the video. The police had ample opportunity to call animal control or a vet to subdue it.

The officers have been cleared of any wrongdoing. And the owner has been cited and fined.

This video may make some sick.  If it doesn’t make you extremely angry and ready to use NWA’s “Fuck tha Police” as your new theme song, very few things will.


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