More Obamacare Abomination

Thursday 15 July 2010 - Filed under Dumbassery + Government + health care + POTUS

And I thought Obamacare was so great because it will make health care both more affordable, and be more compassionate (it is part of the fucking name, you know). Robert Pear via The New York Times on that “free” health care:

The rules stipulate that no co-payments can be charged for tests and screenings recommended by the United States Preventive Services Task Force, an independent panel of scientific experts. The rules apply to new health plans that begin coverage after Sept. 23 and to existing health plans that make significant changes after that date. The administration said the requirements could increase premiums by 1.5 percent, on average. (Emphasis added)

[. . .]

In some cases, the task force has specified how frequently a service, like colonoscopy, should be performed. If the guidelines are silent, the rules say, an insurer may use “reasonable medical management techniques to determine the frequency” of services.

So now that these tests must be provided at “no cost”, I’ll have to pay for them not as I use these services (you know: how most of the shit we use is paid for), but as part of my premium. And being that many people who will be getting these services won’t be paying a premium (because it’s “free” health care for many), I’ll have to pay for their tests too through my premium raise?


And a government “task force”1 gets to decide which tests are appropriate, and how often? Great! I love it when government gets to decide important fucking matters about my health as opposed to say, me and my fucking doctor.

Can someone clue in Mr. Pear on the fact that no matter how many times he uses the term “free”, or any of its derivatives,2 it doesn’t somehow make it true?

1. A whole fucking body of government douchebags whose job it is to do absolutely fucking nothing of importance but be a bureaucratic obstacle and suck down tax revenue.
2. 6, for those of us not counting.

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