Go Figure

Friday 13 August 2010 - Filed under Dumbassery + Law enforcement

James C McKinley Jr. via the Times, concerning Michael A. Green being released from prison because of DNA evidence exonerating him 27 years after being convicted due to a rigged visual identification:1

Some states, among them North Carolina and Ohio, have passed legislation changing the way lineups are conducted to reduce the possibility of an error, but similar bills in dozens of other states, including Texas, have failed in the face of stiff opposition from prosecutors and law enforcement agencies, defense lawyers say.

Go fucking figure. Only cops and prosecutors could hope to preserve a system of justice in which it is easier to convict people of crimes they didn’t commit, based on eyewitness identifications that are often obtained fraudulently, and even when they aren’t fraudulent, are often simply wrong.



1. And by rigged I mean fucking rigged.  According to the story, the victim was unable to identify Green until over a week later, after not being able to identify him when he was stopped by the police the night of the attack, and only after they showed her his mugshot.

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