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Wednesday 1 September 2010 - Filed under Dumbassery + Education

From The Denver Post:

As kids head back to school, conservative Christian media ministry Focus on the Family perceives a bully on the playground: national gay-advocacy groups.

School officials allow these outside groups to introduce policies, curriculum and library books under the guise of diversity, safety or bullying-prevention initiatives, said Focus on the Family education expert Candi Cushman.

“We feel more and more that activists are being deceptive in using anti-bullying rhetoric to introduce their viewpoints, while the viewpoint of Christian students and parents are increasingly belittled,” Cushman said.


That’s a good one. Guys: the “Christians and white people are the only victims of meaningful discrimination” meme is getting fucking old.

Public schools increasingly convey that homosexuality is normal and should be accepted, Cushman said, while opposing viewpoints by conservative Christians are portrayed as bigotry.

That’s because it is fucking bigotry. And immoral being that you favor government force in support of your own moral agenda.

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  1. Anna!
    1 September 2010 @ 6:51 am

    “Mom! Those mean ole gays are bullying me again! They keep making me Truman Capote books!”