Who Would Have Thunk It?

Thursday 14 October 2010 - Filed under Dumbassery + Journalism + Tea Party

Color me shocked. Shocked, I say! WaPo:

Ekins’s conclusion is not that the racially charged messages are unimportant but that media coverage of tea party rallies over the past year have focused so heavily on the more controversial signs that it has contributed to the perception that such content dominates the tea party movement more than it actually does.

Gee. The media tailored their coverage of Tea Party events towards the message they wanted to portray rather than what was actually happening on the ground so that they can convince the world that the Tea Party is nothing but a bunch of racist rednecks with their AR15s ready for their marching orders from O’Limbeclin? Who would have thunk it?

Anyone who buys anything the mainstream media has to sell is an idiot, and I’m sick and fucking tired of having to deal with the consequences of both the underhanded tactics of the media in pushing their agenda, and the thoughtless ‘tards who eat that shit up and regurgitate it in the public debate.

Edit: The comments on the WaPo story are fucking great. They essentially amount to “Though I have no proof whatsoever, and the narrative about the Tea Party the media has force fed me has been shown to be fraudulent, I still know that Tea Party participants are nothing but a bunch of racists. Because I can read their minds. Or something.” It’s fucking hilarious that, to a bunch of terminally libertarded fuck wads, a lack of evidence is proof.

Here are some tasty tidbits:

A Klansman without the hood and sheet is still racist white trash. Is this article supposed to make me believe that the Tea Party kooks suddenly believe in diversity because they hid their Confederate flags and racist posters? I’m not fooled.

You don’t suppose someone in the Republican hierarchy took steps to train or intimidate the racist psycho wing of the party into decent, none-hateful behavior.

Wow the teabaggers hired some black people to attend their rally to make it seem like they are not the racists they are. LOL How funny.

Denial in action is fucking hilarious.

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