More “You’re Just Not Liberal Enough for a Black Man/Real Journalist” Arguments from Leftist Elite

Saturday 23 October 2010 - Filed under Dumbassery + Journalism

I guess, though, that we should have expected this kind of shit from a douche-nugget like Moore:

(I do think that an NPR journalist who accepts money from Fox News for his work a regular commentator should be a firing offense, but that’s another story.)

[. . .]

P.P.S. Here’s something else that I’d sincerely love to talk about with you: What do you think when you see rich middle-aged white men talking on TV about how they get nervous around African Americans on the street? And then explain that we can’t let political correctness stop us from talking about black-on-white crime?

Does it drive you crazy that they say this, without even being conscious of the history of far greater violence by white people toward blacks? And do you maybe understand now how those middle-aged white guys get it so wrong?

He might as well have just said something to the effect of “Silly nigger, don’t you know that you’re supposed to subscribe to only that which has been authorized by the establishment? You can’t possibly have any feelings or thoughts outside of those approved for your consumption. If you do, you’re a race traitor and a hypocrite.”

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