I Was Just Following Orders

Friday 19 November 2010 - Filed under Constitution + Dumbassery + War on Terror

Some statist shit eater at The Washingtonian in defense of those who carry out the new TSA molestation security procedures:

Cute as Goldberg probably thinks his suggestion is, it’s worth remembering a couple of things. TSA screeners are more vulnerable than most federal employees. Unlike their counterparts elsewhere in the civil service, the agency’s employees don’t have collective-bargaining rights yet, which means it’s more difficult for them to negotiate with TSA over working conditions and policies and procedures. There isn’t even consensus over which union should represent TSA screeners. Both the American Federation of Government Employees and the National Treasury Employees Union have been organizing Transportation Security Officers for years, but it was only last week that the unions won the right to have an election to see which one will represent screeners.


Even if screeners were in a strong position to push TSA on security policies, making their working conditions miserable isn’t likely to inspire a strong sense of solidarity between Transportation Security Officers and the traveling public. Wearing a kilt and no underwear to a screening isn’t advocacy. It’s sexual harassment. And it’s sexual harassment of a group of employees who have fewer workplace protections than other security workers such as cops. That’s not cute, funny, or effective.

Are you seriously going to use the “I was just following orders” bullshit? Really? I could Godwin you here, you statist fuck, but I’ll spare the details. And because I choose to respond to my government in as adverse a way as I have been assaulted by it, I am the one who should be seen to have committed a crime? The government’s official policy is to either take a very detailed image of my body which leaves nothing to the imagination, or subject my body to a sexual assault by some blue gloved government goon with the full power of the federal government behind it where his job is specifically to tug on my shit, and it’s the response which is viewed as sexual assault. It’s not my job to make the person doing an illegal, morally repugnant search comfortable as he proceeds to assault me. I want that motherfucker to have a hard time sleeping at night.

Fuck off and die, motherfucker.

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