Can We Stop Pretending?

Monday 22 November 2010 - Filed under Constitution + Dumbassery + Government + POTUS + War on Terror

Can we stop pretending that our government gives a shit about the Bill of Rights? President Obama on the TSA’s new screening procedures:

But at this point, TSA in consultation with counterterrorism experts have indicated to me that the procedures that they have been putting in place are the only ones right now that they consider to be effective against the kind of threat that we saw in the Christmas Day bombing.

Oh. The “experts” again. Gee, it couldn’t be the same experts that are making a killing off of selling these new machines to the government, and those who were recently traveling with Obama? And how about evidence which suggests that these machines don’t fucking work?

So somehow counterterror “experts”/lobbyists who represent firms with a shit load of DC connections have a say as to how much my individual rights can be violated? What if these experts said that getting assfucked by uneducated TSA agents were the best way? More realistically, how about if these counterterror experts said that profiling was the best approach? Or how about looking for terrorists rather than bombs?

Some free advice: there are no such things as “experts”; only those that government says are experts. And experts are not defined by what they know, but how willing they are to tell a government authority what it is he wants to hear so that he might provide political cover for what is surely going to be shitty policy.

Fuck the TSA.

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