Takers, Not Makers

Friday 1 April 2011 - Filed under Dumbassery + Economy + Government

Apparently we have a 2:1 need for paper pushing, bureaucratic fucktards to people who produce shit. Now I’m not a “corporations are evil for sending our jerbs overseas” kind of guy, but it makes you wonder why one of every 13 people in the US works for the fucking government instead of doing something that adds some goddamn value to society.1

Via The Wall Street Journal:

It gets worse. More Americans work for the government than work in construction, farming, fishing, forestry, manufacturing, mining and utilities combined. We have moved decisively from a nation of makers to a nation of takers. Nearly half of the $2.2 trillion cost of state and local governments is the $1 trillion-a-year tab for pay and benefits of state and local employees. Is it any wonder that so many states and cities cannot pay their bills?

Is it any wonder why the fuck we seem to be slagging behind in international trade? STOP blaming evil corporations for sending our jobs to foreign workers, and START blaming government for interfering with every small detail of our lives creating a “need” for so many goddamn government workers.

1. Though I will fully admit I’m a “government is evil for shoving its bureaucratic fucktardedness in our faces with their need to regulate everything I do from the second I wake up until the second I go to bed” kind of guy. And that doesn’t even take in to consideration that the mattress I sleep on is ALSO regulated by government.

2011-04-01  »  madlibertarianguy