Respect My Authoritay!!

Saturday 2 April 2011 - Filed under Authoritarianism + Constitution + Dumbassery + Law enforcement + LE

In the event that anyone just can’t fathom why civil libertarians have a general dislike for cops and their authoritarian culture, peruse down to Police Link’s article concerning a girl who was detained for recording the police in a public space and take a gander at the comments.

Some fine examples from our esteemed law enforcement community:

ACLU, i would love to know this girls GPA with the college. It is apparent she has moral issues misunderstanding, video taping a man in distress. PS: When a Police Officer askes you to do somthing
you shouldnt think twice just do it.

Yeah, don’t even THINK when a LE officer is in your vicinity. When we speak, you listen!!

Confiscate the phone and use it for evedance. That would really make the person’s day.

Awesome. Take someone’s property unlawfully just to “show them”.

This teen needs to LEARN RESPECT TO OTHERS. Yes, video taping like that is not against the law, but the teen should know when and when not to video tape. The officer was not hurting the man, he was trying to help/save the man. The teen also needs to learn to listen to officers when when they say to do something. When people don’t listen to LEO’s, then officer needs to do some thing. Because know they think there life is in danger. The LEO did nothing wrong, it’s common sense, why did the teen not listen. If it was me I would have done the same thing. This teen needs to GROW UP AND LISTEN TO THE LEO’s. It sounds like all the teen is, is selfish and has no respect. With that all said LEO did correct.

The ever-so-popular “she didn’t break any laws in any way, shape, or form, but the proles need to OBEY” argument.

This is just people having disrespect for authority. I do not see any respect anymore. I hope that Khaliah Fitchette and the ACLU realize that they are trying to bring down the people who protect them

Where haz TEH RESPECT gone?

God bless the ACLU…. with fleas from a camels back side. In my moment of need I really would not want some teenager videoing me. The officers did the right thing by giving her a morale lesson. Her parent on the other hand is the one who is missing the morale lesson.

Because the police are in a position to give moral lessons. Even if they did have the moral standing to do such, they certainly don’t have any legal authority to do a GODDAMN THING (except in their own minds, of course) about my morality.

Too bad this girl doesn’t realize the cops saved her from a large lump sum settlement that would have resulted from the lawsuit brought against her by that poor man’s family if that video had made the rounds. Her mother should be thanking the police for saving her all that effort and money. Oh well, we all know the war on cops is being fought on every front…violent and otherwise.

“We did her a favor. And TEH WAR ON COPZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!11!!one!!”

Would have been nice if the Officer, while asking her to get back, accidentally bumped into her knocking the phone from her hand. And then accidentally stomped, I mean stepped on it.

More “take property without any legal authority to do so, and destroy” just to “show her””.

I love the smell of authoritarianism in the morning.

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