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Here in America, we have principles. Principles like a free media, unbiased by not receiving funding from the government. Oh, wait. No we don’t.

Two mainstream news organizations are receiving hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars from Obamacare’s Early Retiree Reinsurance Program (ERRP) — a $5 billion grant program that’s doling out cash to companies, states and labor unions in what the Obama administration considers an effort to pay for health insurance for early retirees. The Washington Post Company raked in $573,217 in taxpayer subsidies and CBS Corporation secured $722,388 worth of Americans’ money.

Two questions:

1) Why the fuck are we subsidizing early retirement? Those who have retired early would, by virtue of having retired early, not be in any great need to have their new life of sitting around and watching television and taking RV trips around the country subsidized with my fucking money. I guess if we didn’t subsidize early retirees, we would be just like Somalia. Or something.

2) Why the fuck have these “news” organizations not come out and said that they and their employees have been receiving benefits of the new health care law. It kind of takes whatever they might have said about Obamacare in their thousands of inches of column space and countless hours of TV time devoted to Obamacare over the last year, and throws it down the shitter, dontyathink? I mean, it’s not every company that applies for this money that gets it. There is surely a system of pandering, bootlicking, and political favor doing highly transparent bureaucrating going on to determine who gets a piece of the $5 billion pie.

Stop stealing my tax money and giving it to people who have already worked an entire lifetime and been fortunate enough to retire fucking early.

2011-04-06  »  madlibertarianguy