If You Don’t Like the TSA Screening, It’s Because You’re Likely a Terrorist

Friday 15 April 2011 - Filed under Authoritarianism + Constitution + Dumbassery + Terrorism + Uncategorized + War on Terror

According to the government, if you show visibly that you hold the TSA and their procedures in contempt, it’s likely because you’re a terrorist. Or something. CNN:

Don’t like the way airport screeners are doing their job? You might not want to complain too much while standing in line.

Arrogant complaining about airport security is one indicator Transportation Security Administration officers consider when looking for possible criminals and terrorists, CNN has learned exclusively. And, when combined with other behavioral indicators, it could result in a traveler facing additional scrutiny.

CNN has obtained a list of roughly 70 “behavioral indicators” that TSA behavior detection officers use to identify potentially “high risk” passengers at the nation’s airports.

Many of the indicators, as characterized in open government reports, are behaviors and appearances that may be indicative of stress, fear or deception. None of them, as the TSA has long said, refer to or suggest race, religion or ethnicity.

But one addresses passengers’ attitudes towards security, and how they express those attitudes.

It reads: “Very arrogant and expresses contempt against airport passenger procedures.”

Great. You saying something about being fucked out of your rights is evidence that you need to be fucked out of your rights.

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