Crocodile Tears

Monday 18 April 2011 - Filed under Dumbassery + Education + election

Since SCOTUS ruled last year in Citizens United v Federal Elections Commission, the terminally libertarded have been crying about the corporate takeover of America blah blah blah. Of course it didn’t take long to get proof that all of that crying was no more than crocodile tears. Reason Magazine:

Which helps explain why teachers unions are spending so much money to preserve their jobs. The National Education Association—the largest teachers union in the country at 3.2 million members—spent $40 million in the 2010 election cycle, giving $2 million directly to Democrats. The American Federation of Teachers, with another 1.4 million members, gave $2.6 million directly to Democratic candidates (compared with a piddling $8,000 to Republicans). The unions expect a return on that money, mostly in the form of consideration when appropriations committees meet.

Nothing like good old fashioned hypocrisy.

2011-04-18  »  madlibertarianguy