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It’s increasingly obvious that police aren’t concerned with accountability at all. Pixiq:

Relations between Oakland police and the city’s residents have never been good, which is one reason why the department issued body-mounted cameras to its officers last year.

The goal was to increase accountability, which is important for a department that is facing a federal takeover this March.

However, the above video, which shows several officers with their body-mounted cameras turned off – a departmental violation – is just the latest example of Oakland police officers not wanting any accountability.

There have been a rash of incidents in which video or audio footage which was supposed to exist has “disappeared”, or otherwise never existed because of a technological “glitch.” Were it up to me, ALL encounters between the police and the public should be recorded in some form. If there is some technological mishap, or the recording was never made, anything that occurs as a result of said encounter is void. The police are public servants. They need to held accountable for their actions, and the time when we can accept their word as gospel is over.

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