No Recourse

Tuesday 8 October 2013 - Filed under Uncategorized

You know government is a fucked up institution when you can follow the law as it has written, yet it still has the power and means to take your children away from you. mlive:

When Michigan voters overwhelmingly approved the state’s Medical Marijuana law to help patients suffering with pain, little did they know that some patients would be hit with another malady…paranoia. If I legally use marijuana, could the authorities take my kids away from me?

The recent case of Baby Bree underscores that parents can lose custody of their children even if they legally grow and consume marijuana in their home.

A referee recently ruled that Maria and Gordon Steven Green were subjecting their six-month-old baby to possible danger because of grass.

“They were worried about the possibility of break-ins, armed robbery that kind of thing,” mother Green explains. “He (the referee) put that out as a possibility and that warranted immediate danger for the child.”

The Greens and their attorney contend they had a legal right to have the drug since she
is a licensed caregiver and father Green has epilepsy, but Child Protective Service workers, charged with protecting children from abuse, saw it differently and petitioned for the right to remove the baby from the home.

In round one, the state won.

Whoever in CPS decided this case deserves a serious ass kicking. Not some schoolyard pushing and shoving bullshit, but a straight-up beat down. Then a series of criminal charges also seems appropriate.

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