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This is just plain fucking evil.

Last Thursday park rangers arrived at the elderly couple’s home and forced them to leave. Their home sits on federal lands. Even though the Spencer’s have owned their home for more than 4 decades, the park ranger told them they could not return until a budget was passed.

Obama is obviously going out of his way to ensure that people feel the government “shutdown.” Consider this: the government has shut down 17 times during the time that the Spencers have owned their house, and never once have they been evicted, or even felt a ripple as a result of any one of them. But now they are kicked out. Obama is obviously trying to conflate public land with government owned land, giving himself the right to close off access to public property. Public property belongs to every American. We have an absolute right to go on public property at any point. The government is simply the manager of said property, not the owner. And the arrogance required to believe that he can keep Americans from visiting publicly owned property, including parts which have been legally leased by private citizens, is astounding.

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