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There are real disasters, and then there are “disasters” created by the media. Dr. Kelvin Kemm:

Firstly let us get something clear. There was no Fukushima nuclear disaster. Total number of people killed by nuclear radiation at Fukushima was zero. Total injured by radiation was zero. Total private property damaged by radiation….zero. There was no nuclear disaster. What there was, was a major media feeding frenzy fuelled by the rather remote possibility that there may have been a major radiation leak.

At the time, there was media frenzy that “reactors at Fukushima may suffer a core meltdown.” Dire warnings were issued. Well the reactors did suffer a core meltdown. What happened? Nothing.

Nuclear power is clean, abundant, and safe, yet a small faction of environmental zealots have made it virtually impossible to pursue. It’s the greatest source of energy humanity has ever known, and it’s being blocked. These people are troglodytes, and should be shunned at all cost.

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