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2011-04-11 :: madlibertarianguy // Authoritarianism + Dumbassery + Government
For Da Chilluns

Since when the fuck do school administrators have any sort of authority whatsoever to override parents when it comes to making any decisions whatsofuckingever which are not directly related to academic issues? It seems that in Chicago we have a wave of school principals who feel like they are also nutrition experts and have BANNED […]

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2011-04-09 :: madlibertarianguy // Authoritarianism + Dumbassery + health care + Regulation
Nanny of The Day

If you don’t like McDonalds, don’t go there, but STOP trying to punish me and my children for wanting to go there as a treat, you fat motherfucker.

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In the event that anyone just can’t fathom why civil libertarians have a general dislike for cops and their authoritarian culture, peruse down to Police Link’s article concerning a girl who was detained for recording the police in a public space and take a gander at the comments. Some fine examples from our esteemed law […]

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