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The president who cried wolf. Jeff Cox: Washington’s efforts to scare Wall Street haven’t come to much so far. The message hardly could be clearer from the Obama administration: An impasse over approving a continuing resolution that would keep government going threatens to morph into a crippling battle over the debt ceiling. Wall Street should […]

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The Important Stuff

It’s nice to know that our government schools are prioritizing the important stuff.

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Under a Rock

You think there might be something under that rock? The ATF agent who blew the whistle on Operation Fast and Furious has been denied permission to write a book on the botched anti-gun trafficking sting “because it would have a negative impact on morale,” according to the very agency responsible for the scandal. After first […]

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A Worthy Mission

A worthy mission indeed. Janice Podsada: [John P.] Mackey, 60, chief executive and co-founder of Austin, Texas-based Whole Foods and now co-author of “Conscious Capitalism,” is on a mission to rebrand capitalism and improve its reputation by demonstrating that love, passion, idealism and empathy play a central role in creating successful, competitive businesses. Capitalism “is […]

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No Recourse

You know government is a fucked up institution when you can follow the law as it has written, yet it still has the power and means to take your children away from you. mlive: When Michigan voters overwhelmingly approved the state’s Medical Marijuana law to help patients suffering with pain, little did they know that […]

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The Crux

The crux of the AGW debate from the POV of “deniers.” With the IPCC now issuing the first segment of its latest mammoth study on the same topic, readers should take the NAS pronouncement with a large grain of salt—and the IPCC report too. This is an attempt to change the subject and ignore the […]

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It Continues

Zero Tolerance Strikes Again. A pretend game of cops and robbers landed a Florida elementary school boy with a very real suspension after he made a pretend gun with his thumb and index finger. The mother of 8-year-old Jordan Bennett said her son was only playing with his friend at Harmony Community School in St. […]

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Labor Unions

When you’re Obama, and you’ve lost the labor unions, you know that your policy is utterly fucked. Labor unions are among the key institutions responsible for the passage of Obamacare. They spent tons of money electing Democrats to Congress in 2006 and 2008, and fought hard to push the health law through the legislature in […]

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The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Ever heard the story of the boy who cried wolf? Apparently Obama hasn’t.

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This is the administration showing its true colors, taking their ball and going home when they don’t get everything their way. These park closings are nothing more than the administration’s way of making sure that John Q. Public feels the “shutdown.”1 Knowing that the average American will barely feel a ripple, yet needing us to […]

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Poor Wittle Babies

It looks like somebody’s got their panties in a bunch. WaPo: Don’t call the federal workers waiting to buy lunch from downtown Washington’s food trucks “nonessentials.” It’s like being branded with a scarlet letter N, or ending up the punchline of a late-night comedy bit that’s actually not that funny when there are bills to […]

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No It Isn’t

It’s actually quite easy to hate Rand Paul, you just have to ignore the facts of how he’s conducted business during his time in the Senate. Once you put principals ahead of principles, hating a man is super easy. This isn’t to say that one must necessarily agree with all of his positions

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Less Free

Why the United States has fallen dramatically since 2000 as a country that had routinely been in the top 3 worldwide for economic freedom: The authors [of the Economic Freedom of the World 2013 Annual Report] attribute the massive plunge with regard to Legal Systems and Property Rights largely to the “use of eminent domain […]

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Reason 1,255,002

Students being suspended from school for a boy voluntarily turning in a pocket knife when he realized he had forgotten it in his pocket. In his pocket, his son had a knife. He’s a hunter and uses it in the woods – in fact, he had just used it. “He was cutting branches and what […]

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Rational Choices

Even crack addicts make good choices when given choices. “They didn’t fit the caricature of the drug addict who can’t stop once he gets a taste,” Dr. Hart said. “When they were given an alternative to crack, they made rational economic decisions.” When methamphetamine replaced crack as the great drug scourge in the United States, […]

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Need Help Guiding Your Mortars?

There’s an app for that.

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I Wonder

I wonder if they’ll show his re-segregation of the federal government, and his criminalization of speaking out against the draft and World War I . . .

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The past couple of years have seen warmists, though still insisting that the world is doomed (DOOOOOOOOOMED!!!) because of the greenhouse effect global warming climate change, start to walk back their dire predictions as each and every one of them have come NOT to pass. They’ve tried to insist that the warming that hasn’t happened […]

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The government has enough of our hard earned money to spy indiscriminately on every American contra-Constitutionally, for threatening yet another war in the Middle East, and for various other things that are blatant wastes of treasure, but they apparently don’t have enough money for a . . . fax machine, rendering it impossible for the […]

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Exactly Right

Ken White of Popehat on the NSA and its antagonistic campaign to defeat encryption algorithms: I am not — at least not yet — classified as a terrorist, cybercriminal, or human trafficker. So I suppose I am the “other.” I want to learn to use strong crypto effectively, and encrypt my professional and personal communications […]

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