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2010-10-21 :: madlibertarianguy // Dumbassery + Journalism
The Infantilization of America

Salon addressing a letter from a concerned mother of two “adolescents” who won’t help out around the house: Your [20 and 21 year old] son and daughter are barely still adolescents. They are very close to adulthood. Still adolescents? Close to adulthood? What the fuck? When the political establishment and their lackeys endorse the idea […]

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Michael F. Cannon of the Cato Institute: That didn’t take long at all.  Left-wing congresscritters have (re-)introduced legislation to create a “public option” in ObamaCare’s health insurance exchanges. The Congressional Budget Office scores the bill as reducing federal deficits by $53 billion by 2019.  How?  Paying doctors and hospitals less!  Put that on a bumper […]

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