Read My Lips

Monday 24 May 2010 - Filed under Dumbassery + Government

soda canNext time you hear Obama claim that he has lowered taxes for 95% of the people, you ought to be hearing, “I will absolutely raise taxes for those making less than $250,000 a year, yet I will continue to say that I won’t because the taxes will all be hidden in everything that affects your daily life, and I will continue to force those against my social agenda to pay for the privilege, filling my war coffers and exponentially expanding government in the process, if you choose to act against my will.”

Valerie Bauerlein and Betsy McKay via The Wall Street Journal:

Kelly Brownell, director of the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity at Yale University, who helped raise the idea of a penny-per-ounce excise tax in an April 2009 paper in the New England Journal of Medicine, said he was “not a bit” discouraged that more soda taxes haven’t been passed.

“How could you be discouraged when major cities and states all over the country are considering the idea?” Dr. Brownell said. The potential revenue gains and public-health arguments will eventually persuade some cities or states eventually to pass hefty taxes, he predicted, “and then I think the floodgates will open.”

Let’s hope that people see this tax for what it is, an excise sin tax specifically designed for social engineering, and knock these bullshit laws to the curb.  I know it’s For The Children™ and all, but leave my fucking soda alone.

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