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2010-05-24 :: madlibertarianguy // Dumbassery + Government
Read My Lips

Next time you hear Obama claim that he has lowered taxes for 95% of the people, you ought to be hearing, “I will absolutely raise taxes for those making less than $250,000 a year, yet I will continue to say that I won’t because the taxes will all be hidden in everything that affects your […]

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2010-05-16 :: madlibertarianguy // Education
After Years of Bitter Opposition

Jennifer Medina via The New York Times: The State Education Department and New York’s teachers’ unions have reached a deal to overhaul teacher evaluations and tie them to student test scores, brokering a compromise on an issue the unions had bitterly opposed for years. (Emphasis mine) It’s nice to know that the teachers of New […]

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2010-05-11 :: madlibertarianguy // Dumbassery + Government + Regulation
Regulators Need a Diet

It seems that the government is out to get fat kids again. First they thought that they could regulate companies to self-regulate the problem away.  Now government thinks it can, well, regulate the problem away itself.  Though I’m sure they’ll call it deregulation.  I’m not saying that child obesity isn’t a problem.  My secret decoder […]

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