Cry Me a River

Saturday 29 May 2010 - Filed under POTUS

Charles M. Blow via The New York Times:

Such has been the narrative of his presidency: being treated like the janitor in chief — mopping up messes made by others and being chastised for leaving streaks.

It couldn’t be that much of his chastisement is actually earned. I mean it isn’t as if he shoved down the throats of the American people a wildly unpopular health care bill, has been a hypocritical son-of-a-bitch when concerning the War on Drugs, has gone against everything he campaigned on when speaking about Afghanistan, has co-opted and made his own, rather than struck down, the Patriot Act and various other contentious Bush-era bills and executive orders, and been an altogether elitist douche who’s sure he knows how to manage people’s lives better than those who live them.

It would be disingenuous to think that President Obama didn’t somehow inherit a mess leftover from the Bush administration; it doesn’t take a genius or Demotarded party hack to recognize that Bush II shat the bed during his 8 years.  But the problem here isn’t that Obama hasn’t cleaned up very well, but that he has actually contributed directly to those messes, yet wants the American people to think he is somehow different than his predecessor.

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