The Problem with the Republican Establishment

Wednesday 15 September 2010 - Filed under Dumbassery + election + Government + health care + Legislation + Tea Party

Delaware Online concerning the nomination of Christine O’Donnell over the Republican establishment favorite Mike Castle:

Castle said parts of the health care law make strides in improving access to medical care in a more cost-efficient manner. He said he would support repeal, but only if the bill was replaced with a Republican version that cuts costs while maintaining the improvements. (Emphasis mine)

I’ve maintained that establishment republitards, despite their public show against Obamacare, have no desire to repeal it, but to “improve” it.1 Castle mentions he wants to cut costs, but what of the policy mandates that have nothing to do with cost but ideology, such as the fucking individual mandate, and the “fee” for not buying in to a health insurance plan?

The vehement reaction to Obamacare is partially based on the cost. But the ideological objections to it stem from far more than simply the cost of the bill. The establishment doesn’t get that, and that’s why republitard establishment candidates are falling like flies nationwide. They simply don’t get that many of us are goddamn sick and tired of how the establishment runs things.

We want real change, not just the hope of change, and though O’Donnell is unquestionably a fucking loon, one thing she stands for is real change in Washington. When voters take a risk of electing someone like her, that should be a very strong sign that the establishment is so distasteful to America right now that we are willing to ignore/suffer with some of her looniness in order to get that change. Reason’s Hit & Run:

One way of interpreting O’Donnell’s upset victory is as a sign that insane anti-masturbators are emerging from America’s fever swamps and marching toward Capitol Hill, ready to sic ex-gay-ministry counselors on Barney Frank in the unlikely event they can get past Democrats on Nov. 2. And maybe that’s true. But I might propose an alternate way of looking at it: Anti-spending and anti-establishment sentiment is running so strong right now that even an obviously flawed, possibly nutsoid political neophyte looks better to a lot of people than just another TARP supporter. While I’m troubled by the former, the latter bothers me very little. But then again, I’m no Republican, and I’m certainly no David Frum.

Right on.

1. The last thing we need is republitards “improving” anything. Obamacare in their image would surely be no better than Obamacare in Obama’s.

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