The Media Ain’t Liberal, It’s Statist

Monday 1 November 2010 - Filed under Dumbassery + Journalism + War on Drugs

Reason Magazine on the media’s opposition to California’s Proposition 19:

It’s telling that the loudest voices opposing pot legalization are coming from the mainstream media, politicians, and law enforcement. The three have a lot in common. Indeed, the Prop. 19 split illustrates how conservative critics of the mainstream media have it all wrong. The media—or at least the editorial boards at the country’s major newspapers—don’t suffer from liberal bias; they suffer from statism. While conservatives emphasize order and property, liberals emphasize equality, and libertarians emphasize individual rights, newspaper editorial boards are biased toward power and authority, automatically turning to politicians for solutions to every perceived problem.

That’s a perfectly good way of understanding the media. They pander only to those in power, not any particular ideology.

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