Ideological Stupidity

Monday 1 November 2010 - Filed under Dumbassery + Economy + Environment + Government + Stimulus

Charles Lane of The Washington Post concerning Obama’s ideological stupidity and electric cars in America:

Yet, like a rural voter clinging to his guns, the Obama administration brushes aside the experts because – well, who knows why? Perhaps subsidizing electric cars helps a Democratic administration make corporate welfare and tax breaks for the wealthy seem progressive. It’s possible President Obama feels bound by his grandiose campaign promise to put a million plug-in hybrid electric vehicles on the road by 2015.

Or maybe Republicans aren’t the only ones susceptible to ideological obstinacy and magical thinking after all.

Three things:

I thought that Obama was supposed to rely on science, experts, and rational thought to dictate his energy policy. I guess pandering to both his most progressive supporters and corporate supporters is more important than heeding the findings of those experts.

Did this guy really think that Obama in specific or democrats in general weren’t susceptible to “ideological obstinacy and magical thinking”?

What exactly does supporting gun rights have to do with dismissing experts? Because it looks to me like you’re shoving a square peg in to a round hole.

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