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2010-11-15 :: madlibertarianguy // Dumbassery + Education + Europe + Government
A Question

How important is education to those receiving it if they are unwilling to pay for it themselves? Accusing him of “going along with Tory plans to shove the cost of higher education onto students and their families,” Ms. Harman told Mr. Clegg that he was like a college freshman who meets “a dodgy bloke” during […]

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2010-09-22 :: madlibertarianguy // Dumbassery + Government
All Your Money Are Belong To Us

CNBC: The UK’s tax collection agency is putting forth a proposal that all employers send employee paychecks to the government, after which the government would deduct what it deems as the appropriate tax and pay the employees by bank transfer. This is the inevitable destination of the socialist utopia. It’s pretty shitty to think that […]

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2010-08-16 :: madlibertarianguy // Dumbassery + Government

I’m certainly not one to easily buy in to the modern day meme in conservatard circles that the only meaningful form of racism left in the US is that of minorities against white people. Outside of anecdotal evidence, it’s mostly pure bullshit seemingly designed to get insecure white guys all riled up about “them” taking […]

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I love it when people insist that we should go to a socialized health care system because of how well it works in England. The New York Times: Perhaps the only consistent thing about Britain’s socialized health care system is that it is in a perpetual state of flux, its structure constantly changing as governments […]

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