Monday 4 October 2010 - Filed under Dumbassery + Journalism + Regulation

In the midst of a fine argument against government intervention in press activities, particularly against government subsidies for the press which is supposed to be free and unbiased, L. Brent Bozell III and Dan Gainor, via The American Spectator, miss their left at Albuquerque, and roll straight into typical conservative bullshit land:

In furtherance of a “free press,” the book calls for an “end to the regulation of ‘indecent’ languages and images in broadcast programming.” He is a social libertine, perfectly comfortable to have full nudity or foul language at any time on the broadcast networks with millions of children in the audience. The overwhelming majority of parents object to this smut on the airwaves they own. Bollinger wants the networks to be freeā€¦ of the public.

While I would agree with their main argument that we need to keep the state out of our media, the It’s For The Children™ argument is nothing more than a scare tactic which betrays their real thinking when it comes to the size and scope of government. For Bozell III and Gainor, unlimited government reach is not a problem so long as they favor the kind of government it is. Conservatives such as these rail against government regulation in the business place, but whole-heartedly support massive lists of intrusive regulation so long a they uphold a particular moral order of which they approve. No, we need to disregard the money and energy spent on complying with onerous regulations of the airwaves because if we don’t there will be gay child porn on TV in the slot right between Sesame Street and Thomas the Tank Engine.

Fucking typical.

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